About Us 

About Operation Veteran Benefits

Operation Veteran Benefits is:

  • A community service outreach effort conducted by volunteers and Catale and Associates.
  • Dedicated to helping qualified Veterans and their widows receive the benefits they so richly deserve.
  • Preserving the dignity of the veteran and reducing the dependency on the Medicaid system.
  • Working closely with Accredited Service Officers to insure claims are processed accurately. We are NOT affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs

Our Mission Statement

  • Locate all Veterans, their surviving spouses & families, wherever we may find them.
  • Inform them of the availability & qualifications of the VA benefits.
  • Assist however legally possible, VA service officers, in qualifying claimants.
  • Partner with healthcare professionals and communities in better serving the financial needs of our Veterans & their families.

Our History

Before Brian started Operation Veteran Benefits, he was trying to obtain benefits for a family member to help pay for his assisted living care. After visiting the local VA office, they mentioned that there was a benefit that pays $90 a month. While attending a conference, Brian found out that as long as the Veteran or surviving spouse is spending more than or equal to their income for care, they are eligible for the Non-Service-Connected Disability Improved Pension Benefit with Aid & Attendance, at the time was $1,648 per month. The Aid and Attendance benefit is made available through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to Veterans and surviving spouses who are eligible for a VA pension and require the assistance of another person, or are housebound. This benefit helps to defray the costs of long-term health care so that the Veteran and/or surviving spouse may live the rest of their lives with dignity and keep them off of the Medicaid program. Now, in 2019, a single Veteran with no dependents is eligible for $22,577 per year. After realizing the difficulty of the application process and the inconsistency of the information available, we saw a need for assisting Veterans as well as their surviving spouses to obtain the benefit.

Brian Catale

Brian is a CEP. In recent years, Brian has focused on helping Veterans and their families navigate the process of receiving VA benefits and Medicaid assistance through the Operation Veteran Benefits program he founded. By drawing on his long term experience to create wealth preservation and risk reduction, he provides peace of mind to clients utilizing the most up to date retirement and estate planning strategies. Brian is active in his church and enjoys travel with his wife and children. Brian previously was the host of the radio show Wisdom Keys for Retirement heard on talk radio in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Tim Wheeler

Kimberly Brielle Catale

Jody Catale

Billie Jo Richman-Brown

Lanell Kimmel

Adrianne Peters-Sipes (Attorney)
  Accredited Service Agent

Operation Veteran Benefits, the individuals, and services listed on this web site are not affiliated with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Only individuals on this site who are accredited by the VA are involved in the assistance of preparation and presentation of a claim for veteran benefits.