Explanation of Benefits  

Brief Summary

Non-Service-Connected Disability Improved Pension Benefit with Aid & Attendance - commonly referred to as simply The Aid and Attendance Benefit. It is available to Veterans, their spouses, and their surviving spouses through the Department of Veterans Affairs. This benefit is available to help offset some of the cost of nursing homes, assisted living communities, independent living communities, personal care homes, and in-home care.

Benefit Amounts for 2018

This monthly benefit can be quite substantial. The following is the maximum benefit allowed for 2018. In most cases, the maximum amount is the actual benefit amount.

    Monthly Annually
Veteran Alone   $1,881 $22,577
Surviving Spouse   $1,209 $14,509
Veteran with Spouse   $2,230 $26,765

Benefits are paid directly to the veteran or spouse, NOT to their residential community.  Payments are retroactive to the date of application.    PAYMENTS ARE TAX FREE!

All representation of Veterans in processing any claims at the Department of Veteran Affairs is conducted through an accredited Veterans Service Officer.


  1. Veteran must have served at least 90 days of active duty, with at least one of those days during wartime. Veterans who served after 1980 must have 2 years consecutive active duty with at least one of those days during wartime. The eligible dates for wartime include:
    Declared State of War Time Period
    World War I 05/09/1916 11/11/1918
    World War II 12/07/1941 12/31/1946
    Korean War 06/27/1950 01/31/1955
    Vietnam War  08/05/1964 05/07/1975
    Vietnam War (if served in-country) 02/28/1961 05/07/1975
    Gulf War 08/20/1990 Present
  2. Veteran must have received a discharge other than dishonorable. A certified copy or the stamped/sealed original discharge papers must be provided with the application.
  3. Must be permanently and totally disabled or 65 years old or older. The disability does not have to be from a war injury.
  4. A claiming spouse must not have divorced the Veteran, however, if the Veteran dies and the surviving spouse remarries, there are some situations where he/she would still qualify.
  5. Must need some assistance with at least 3 Activities of Daily Living (ADL) – i.e. bathing, feeding, dressing, attending to the wants of nature, adjusting prosthetic devices, or protecting yourself from the hazards of your daily environment; plus have a well-documented description of their needs from a physician.

    There are some financial qualifications. Personal monthly income, as described by the Veterans Administration, is adjusted income, calculated as income minus unreimbursed medical expenses.
    Monthly Income $3,000.00
    Medical Insurance Premiums -$300.00
    Monthly Rent and Care at Assisted Living Community,
    Skilled Nursing Community,
    Independent Living Community,
    In Home Care
    VA Adjusted Monthly Income  -$500.00
    If the adjusted monthly income is below $0, the full pension may be awarded.
  • The VA will look at the overall assets of the applicant. Assets not included are: the applicant’s home (2 acre limit), small life insurance policies, prepaid funeral expense, and annuities in payout status.
  • It is currently taking an average of 3-6 months for Veterans and 6-9 months for surviving spouses to be approved, however there are special cases where approval may take up to a year. Retroactive payment will be paid out once competency has been established by the VA. Upon approval, retroactive payments are awarded back to the date application is filed by the VA.
  • Incomplete information given or an improperly prepared application can be the cause for disqualification of benefits.
  • Free assistance in claim preparation is provided through our volunteers at NO CHARGE. All assistance is provided through Operation Veteran Benefits and their volunteers.
  • Veteran representation at the Department of Veteran Affairs is conducted by accredited Veteran Service Officers.
  • Laws prohibit charging a fee for preparation of claims through the VA.
  • For an intake evaluation and process initiation, contact Operation Veteran Benefits

Operation Veteran Benefits, the individuals, and services listed on this web site are not affiliated with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Only individuals on this site who are accredited by the VA are involved in the assistance of preparation and presentation of a claim for veteran benefits.