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Pension benefits are available after ONLY 90 days of Active duty!

Veteran's Benefits Rightly So!
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We need to remember the words of Abraham Lincoln, who when speaking about the purposes of the VA said, "...to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and for his orphan..."

And rightly so!



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We are here to assist war time veterans and their families understand their benefits. We provide free assistance in claim preparation through our volunteers. Please contact the community director to arrange for an intake evaluation and to process initiation.

Why is there so much confusion and misunderstanding about pension benefits available to veterans and their families? First, the very name of the benefit itself causes confusion. "Improved Pension Benefit." Everyone in American thinks you only get a pension benefit from your employer after a significant number of years of service, usually 20 or 30. Even the military has a 20 or 30 year retirement pension benefit. No one believes there are any benefits due after only 90 days of employment. But there is a benefit for our Veterans and their widows.... AND RIGHTFULLY SO!


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